View Full Version : 05/06 ZX6R fairings and other parts

08-20-2007, 08:44 AM
In the process of converting my 636 to track only, so many parts available.

Passenger rearsets. Perfect condition. $60 for the set

Right side foot peg. $5

Rider rearset. Left side. Perfect condition. $75

Rear fender with turn signals and stock mud flap and pipe shroud. Perfect condition. $40

Front turn signals. One is scuffed on the bottom and unnoticeable. $15 each

Headlight assembly. Perfect condition. $250

Left mirror. Mint condition. $30

Stock windscreen. Mint condition $40

All bodywork is straight black......
Tail cowl. Slight scuff and some scratches. No cracks. Includes tail light. $100

Left lower. Close to mint. $100

Left mid fairing. Close to mint. $150

Upper. Has had a crack plastic welded and repainted the section. Not perfect, but good condition. $120

Right mid. A little plastic welding and section repainted. Once again, not perfect, but good condition. $100

Right lower. Section cut out that was cracked and looks good. Some scratches but in great condition! $75

Front fender not being offered currently, but is in perfect condition and MAY be added if someone wwants to make a deal on the whole body kit.

Tank is NOT being offered at all.

Entire body kit for $600?


EMail me with questions or requestions for detailed pics.