View Full Version : Gap trip on the 4th...

06-26-2008, 08:10 AM
Just curious if anyone around was interested in getting up to the Gap next Friday on the 4th. Yea, I know it is a holiday weekend, but that's a day I have off from work and I am hoping that there will still be less traffic up there since it is a Friday (hopefully less LEOs). I never go on weekends.

Just drop a line here if anyone is interested. I was thinking meeting somewhere in Greenville or TR and probably take off around 8ish and maybe take a somewhat scenic route up there....maybe 276 all the way to Waynesville and go from there, or go up NC 215 to 276 to Waynesville. Whatever works. Play around some and get back sometime that afternoon.

Let me know if anyone is interested. I need to get up there before my wife hatches my daughter later this summer.... :eusa_boohoo: