View Full Version : What A Great Group Of People

10-04-2008, 11:10 AM
Hey All--

I just wanted to take a minute out to say what what a great group of people we have here. I really appreciate all the support I have received thru my whole ordeal over the last two weeks. Even people who I don't know personaly have stepped in with advice and assistance.

***A special thanks to PUSKUNK for the garage space to keep my new bike secure.
***And to the donor of my new ride -- 02 Sportster 883 -- who many of you know but wishes to remain anonymous... I can not express in words how much I appreciate it. I will find some way to show my thanks!

It's people like you... All of you here..... who demonstrate the true meaning of friendship and kindness. if I can ever do anything to help you guys and it is within my means or ability, you have only to ask.

Adam Meisler :y_peace:

Desmo Demon
10-06-2008, 08:45 PM
Adam.....we just like to try to help out our fellow riders......it's that "brotherhood" thing, you know.....BTW, I bought a really nice rope for when we find that &@%#&^%$# theif. ;)