View Full Version : Law & Ogre

02-01-2009, 08:08 PM
It was pleasure meeting yall this afternoon!

LAW's Bandit1200, I've never seen one that clean and well kept and
apparently you put some serious miles on the B12. Sharp Bike!!

OGRE's FJ, I can see me and my better half on a nice bike like that in the future. Also KUDO's on your FJ.

Definately we need to hook up and ride.

And again welcome to the zoo!

02-01-2009, 10:24 PM
Thanks for the comp. on the bike I really like the bandit but it's too heavy for me to throw around and keep up with you guys. You actually have the bike I want for the twisties and if business is good this year I plan to buy a TL"R with the Gixxer paint. I think the next time I meet up with you all I will ride the VX800 (Suzuki VX800) great bike in the twisties (lots of low end torque) I don't have to worry about the front coming up are the rear spinning as I exit the corners like I do with the bandit. The oil cool 1100 engine makes great power stock and the way I have it tune is mid and top end power to try and take some torque out of the bottom but when the rider ways a 150 lbs on a bike that makes a 130 hp and 80lbs of torque at the wheel it's hard to keep it from wheeling.

Once again it was great meeting everyone