View Full Version : Sunday?

05-29-2009, 05:58 PM
Anyone want to ride Sunday? SDZX10 and I are planning on getting together. Maybe a ride up through Little Switzerland since we didn't get to do the whole ride last time.

05-29-2009, 06:38 PM
I'm in, but I don't expect to be able to keep up with ZX10 this time. my diablos wore out and I had to spoon an old cruiser tire on the rear while I save up for a set of Road IIs.
there are lots of other good roads in that area.

05-30-2009, 08:57 AM
All those trips to the tire eater finally caught up with you huh? LOL.

05-30-2009, 02:15 PM
I'll see you guys there.Hey Stretch I'll have the camera mounted maybe I can get some video of you sliding the rear!

06-01-2009, 10:56 PM
hope you guys had a good ride. sorry I couldn't make it:conf44:

06-02-2009, 08:14 AM
Yeah, we had fun. We went up to Little Switzerland, took the parkway down to 74a. The parkway was pretty open and politizia free. Scott and I actually got to rail it pretty decent. Then Lake Lure to the 176 loop. All in all it was a great ride. I hate you weren't with us.