View Full Version : Anyone want to go for a ride Friday?

08-13-2009, 02:04 AM
Just want to get some time on the bike, now that she is running really good. Would like to go to a lot somewhere first and practice close turns on this beast of mine, then maybe ride somewhere for a couple of hours. Not ready for the twisties just yet. Just maybe some sight seeing south or something, like maybe go down to Columbia for lunch on roads other that the Interstate if at all possible. According to weather.com it's supposed to be nice and sunny on Friday, and pretty much nothing but rain for the next week, so Friday seems to be the day. Don't feel like going all out with the speed, just a nice ride to get familiar with roads around here. If there are no takers I guess I will just go up and down some local roads for an hour or so to give the Kat a little exercise.