View Full Version : my redneck winter gloves

10-19-2009, 10:58 PM
after melting some small holes into the palms of my winter gloves at the end of last season. I've been looking for some new ones. I've never felt like my hands were very well protected in the old ones, so I was hoping to get something with some impact protection. I also wanted a draw string at the gaunlet to keep the wind out of my sleeve when it's bitter cold and a wiper on the thumb for when i GET cought in the rain.
At the same time my favorite sport gloves started to wear holes in the finger tips. these gloves always fit a little loose in the wrist and I got an idea.
I cut the fingers off the leather gloves and slid the winter gloves in side them.
like this, they go from two pairs of gloves ready for the garbage can. to one pair of winter gloves with almost every feature I was looking for. The only thing I would change is I wish I had a little more protection on the back of the fingers. Still it will be a dramatic improvement over previous winters and I think it may even be a little warmer.
they aren't pretty, but I'm happy!