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07-18-2010, 07:27 AM
Had a bad overall day yesterday, another post, for another time. I did run across a fella driving a bike just like this

Anybody we know? He caught me coming back from Rosman when I got stuck behind a camper. We both dispatched of the camper quickly. I knew he wanted to go, so I went. He wanted to get around me but couldn't until I let him. He could go faster through the twisties, but not enough faster enough to pass me. I could tell was holding him up so decided to back off and see if I could keep up, cuz I knew he could ride. He flew by, I had the power to keep up, and maybe gain a tad on the straights, but as you know there aren't a lot of straights and his bike obviously handles MUCH better through the twisties than a 24 year old V65 Magna. He hit traffic about 1/4 before the bridge coming up to the stop sign near the golf course, I caught him at the bridge. I think I spoke to him at Jarrett's gas station on Rosman. The guy had dark hair, probably about 5'10" 170lbs, nice guy, he was adjusting his rear shock at the gas pumps. I asked him about how to get to Lake Lure. I scrapped my right side touring peg, first time on this bike, got the rash to prove it. I looked in my driveway how far my bike would have to lean in order to do that.....Scary far.


07-18-2010, 10:17 AM

I met a guy (around 5'10" slim build) a few weekends ago on an 08 red/black CBR1000RR, he was with Josh on his 09 Dark Brown w/gold rims CBR1000RR. The guy on the 08 CBR had just gotten and was getting used to it. These guys are from Walhalla. I've ridden with Josh a few times, He's a good guy. Dont know if its the same guy or not, he seemed to be a good ole boy.

Ride Safe

07-18-2010, 07:36 PM
Keep in mind the faster you corner the more the suspension compresses and the less available cornering clearance (lean angle) before things start to drag. Not a big deal as long as it's just foot pegs. Assuming of course that you have folding footpegs.

07-19-2010, 12:24 PM
ditto. You'll notice that you can scrape things much easier 2-up because the suspension is more compressed.

Then again, if you have a stiff/tight suspension like a race bike, you won't get as much of that as on a cruiser/standard with softer suspension.