View Full Version : for any dual sport riders on here....

05-31-2011, 10:52 AM
Took the truck thru here last weekend, around the back side of DuPont, and this road has gotten fairly rough. A nice rock section in it now that is slightly washed out. Not really a challenge for the seasoned rider, but fun none-the-less I'm sure. Also right there is an old trail with the gate opened. It headed W off the road, at the S end of the new clearcut. We followed it back about a mile before is started getting pretty narrow and the kids were complaining of bugs...


If you're unfamiliar with the area, many of the roads shown are gated.

As for gravel roads I know about:
- Green River Rd. to the E of "A" is a good one. Winds along the river and is in pretty good shape the last time I was on it.
- Sky Valley Rd. is your standard gravel road. Lots of switchbacks make it pretty fun. Watch for bikers/hikers.
- The rest of Pinnacle Mtn. Rd. does go thru. Average gravel rd.
- West of here is Cascade Lake Rd. It is a gravel road that winds around the lake. Very cool dam; VERY tall.