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RyanK 08-27-2014 12:44 PM

done for a while
Messed up my knee wakeboarding last friday. Went to the Dr. Monday, scheduled the MRI for Friday. Thinks I tore my ACL :( :( :(

Sure feels better since he drained it tho!

Kills me to see my bike pushed into the corner and covered up. :hang2:

Bucky 08-27-2014 01:01 PM

Re: done for a while

Originally Posted by RyanK
Kills me to see my bike pushed into the corner and covered up.

Not good, man.

Some of the guys on here could come over just to keep the bike running, I'm sure.

Get well soon.

RyanK 08-28-2014 12:34 PM

Re: done for a while
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haha. thanks Bucky.

I made my crutches a little more comfortable last night

RyanK 09-02-2014 11:55 AM

So I"m looking at MRI images with the dr. this morning and he says "See that dark spot there? That's where your ACL is supposed to be." :(

Complete tear of my ACL, small tears in other ligaments, and bruised bones. At least my MCL is not damaged...

Starting physical therapy tomorrow, meeting with surgeon next week. Surgery in 2-3 weeks I guess.

Prayers appreciated!

C.R.S. 09-03-2014 12:00 AM

Re: done for a while

Sorry about your Knee.
I used to play alot of basket ball back in the 80's and tweeked my right knee and was on crutches for 3 weeks and was back to playing B-ball like it was nothing.
Transitioned over to volleyball and played that for a number of years then tweeked the same knee again back in 2001. Saw the Doc and he said do you realize you dont have an acl. He did the reconstruction / surgery and was back to full activity in six months.
After your surgery work hard with therapy. My Doc stated let the pain be your guide.

Hope you recovery is quick !!

Desmo Demon 09-09-2014 08:38 PM

Re: done for a while
Hope it heals quickly and thoroughly.

RyanK 09-10-2014 12:31 PM

Re: done for a while
thanks for the well-wishes. PT has been going pretty well. Ditched the crutches Saturday and just walking with a kneebrace. Even walked a mile last night, albiet a painful last 1/2 mile! haha. Meeting with surgeon tomorrow...

RyanK 09-11-2014 12:43 PM

Re: done for a while
surgery will be first week in Oct. Doc said I do have some meniscus damage that's he's going look at while he's in there and then make the decision on what to do with it.

RyanK 09-18-2014 12:20 PM

Re: done for a while
First day back on the bike since my injury. Felt good...and bad... haha. Didn't realize my pegs were so high and back. maybe i shoulda bought a gen 1 "recliner" afterall... :)

STRETCH 09-22-2014 04:57 PM

Re: done for a while
one of the reassons I sold my gen 1 recliner was knee pain. I do like how far the foot pegs are from the seat on the mighty DR. Adam said it felt like he was standing up while sitting on it :P

I'm glad to hear your knee is feeling better. I got out of bed the other morning and my right leg just colapsed. As I was falling there was a snap in the knee. So far just pain in my knee and numbness in my foot. My doctor says she dosen't think I tore anything and wants to give it a week ans see how it feels.

Sympathetic knee injury??

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