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Default Re: 2013 Daytona Bike Week Planning

Got back Sunday late afternoon. Weather was perfect, got little chilly at night but climbed to high 70's or low 80's every day. No rain!

VStrom 1K ran perfectly and made the 500 mile trip each way without any fuss. Ran like a clock.

Daytona was packed as usual during Bike Week. Speedway racing was excellent. Main Street was well just as expected.

Met up with lot of riders including ADVriders. Here are few photos with my commentaries.

I noticed many more chicks riding bikes now versus riding on the pillion.
I likey!

Of course, Main St., was open all night with many places to hit the well.

Of course, Main St., also attracts some strange riders?


He called this a Redneck Redo Bike

Racing was Excellente!

HD Twins Series.

The announcer said that bikes were hitting the traps at 206mph. Too fast for my old camera.

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