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Default Re: Sandblast Rally - Feb 6 in Patrick, SC

Originally Posted by bpgxx

Who's in??? Great rally in the sand hills of SC. Lots of excellent bike and rally car action, some hairy spots for the spectators to gather "will 'e make it???", and the Red Bull Girls present ain't bad either...

Several of us trailered down last year (was sub-freezing in the AM), and had a great time riding around on the sand roads not blocked off for the rally - and sometimes completely off any road of any sort... Definitely a different kinda riding than rocks/mud/grass/gravel, we really enjoyed it


I think that I recognize the back of some of those heads!

Unfortunately I'm still working Saturdays so I won't make it this time around....

Just a word of caution to those going....I know this could happen anywhere but:

We had our backs turned just like in that pic...with our riding gear just draped over the handlebars, and when we went back to our bikes that were less than 50 yds away myself and another had our riding jackets stolen and another had his $500 Arai helmet swiped.

Have fun!! and take lots of pics and video!!
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