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Originally Posted by mikek
I've run Valvoline conventional (dino) oil , either 10-40 or 20-50 for a number of years in every motor I've owned. 200k miles on BMW motorcycles, 20k miles on my Kawasaki KLX650, 300k miles on my E350 work truck. Valvoline oil is Excellent, run the synthetic if it makes you feel good
I've run synthetic oil in everything(lawnmower included) for several years. A friend(Army Colonel)was in charge of a test of Mobil 1 when it first came out. They took several vehicles and ran them for 100,00 miles with Mobil synthetic and regular oil changes. They disassembled the engines to check for wear. He said there was so little wear they reassembled the engines using the old rings/bearings. They only replaced the gaskets.
That made me a believer in synthetic oil.
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