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Default Re: Looking at new bikes

I think you will find the C50 a little underpowered, especially 2-up. It is an 800cc engine but cruiser engines don't make the kind of power that sportbike engines do. Make sure you test ride it first.

If I were looking at cruisers, the strong choice would be the yamaha warrior. I haven't met anyone yet that didn't enjoy riding it. Good looks, comfortable, ample power, and one of the most curvy road capable cruisers out there.

Don't forget Triumph either. These aren't your Fathers Triumphs. They are every bit as reliable as any Jap brand. The America would probably suit your needs very well. I also hear a larger discplacement America is in the works for next year (1500cc or so) If you prefer something larger. The matthews dealership would love to have you test ride one I'm sure.
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