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Default Re: NOT a good day....

does the government have the right to protect you from yourself? should we be free to assume the risks we want to in the way we choose?

these are tough questions. in theory no.... we are "free" to live or die as we choose. on the other hand ..we do not live in a vacum. our choices and descisions can and do impact others in their lives as well.

tough questions...

no simple answers.

as for my neighbor....he died at 1 am in the morning at over 100 mph on this bike...into the trees without the benefit of a helmet. me thinks that alcohol may have been involved. he apparently made some choices that ultimately led to his end. i do not believe that a smaller bike would have saved him nor do i hold motorcycling responsiable.

i do still think the learners permit is a crock. and i believe tiered liscensing would help. i am a hypocrite and am comfortable as such....mostly i want to see a reduction in bad descision making and the consequences of same. liter superbikes do forgive nothing. they compress time and distance in such a way as to cause serious problems. perhaps it is wishful thinking ... maybe there is no cure for the arrogance/relative ignorance and immortality of youth.

thanks for input

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