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Default Re: NOT a good day....

freedom is always good but the lost of life through a stupid act effects everyone thus intruding in other people's freedom. I'm not one for more government but when you let the stupid sue for their own stupidity that is what pisses me off. I feel really bad for his family and friends cause they are the ones paying for his lack of judgement. A tier system won't change stupidity but it does change behavior. Here in Cali if you are under the age of 21y/o you must take the CMSP(MSF) course to get your license and that has work well for the state. Sorry for the rambling but I'm tired of people I know that ride ok on a 500cc or 600cc jump to a liter and get hurt and some have lost their lives also.

I believe that a liter bike should be priced at about $18-$20K to get it out of the hands of some who only been riding for a short time. Think about it, by the time most people get around to spend that kind of money they will have about 3+ years on the rode. As of right now the only difference between a 600 and a 1K is only about $2K so why not jump for the bigger bike because "I won't out grow it" I know this is not the same but if I could have bought a LT1 Corvette right after high school for $2-5K more that the 6 cylinder Mustang I got you think I wouldn't have? Many of you can't say you wouldn't either.

Right or wrong everyone has their sides. I know my sons will ride as soon as they can and I'm okay with that since they both have dirt and road course experience but I will do my best to make sure they pick a bike that is right for them.

Okay I'm done...
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