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Talking Re: OKAY OKAY I HAD A "GLITCH"..i am a glitch?!

Mikie Mikie Mike,
if it was indeed a brain should quit blamimg poor old Murphy, he has his fair share of responsibility but wrong weapon for the task at the culprit here, glad you are OK..... as you owned up age and ability to heal up have anything in common better choice making are I order....I hate to see you injured further....I took me a fall a while back, toted that hematoma for months.....We are heading out tomorrow for Newland and the Adventure ride.....looking forward to it.... I'll post pics as we go and a slew when we get back...take care

p.s. know where a nice klx250 is available, new tires too.....
Enough of this talking/typing crap I'm going riding

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