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Cool Raleigh EuroBike

I'm part of a group that is organizing the Raleigh Eurobike get together in Raleigh at Moore Square on 10 April, 2010. I don't see a way to link in a PDF or .doc file, so here's the text from the flyer, and I'll provide a copy to those that request one. I'm at Seagondollar<at>Mail<dot>com.

Gas up your Guzzi, buff up the Beemer, drag out your Ducati, putt on down with your Piaggio, hustle over on your Husky, be seen on your Bimota.... You get it.

Nortons, Montesas, Cagivas, Urals, Mondials, Lambrettas, BSAs, Vincents, Bultacos, Heskeths, MV Agustas, Rotaxes, Horexs, Munchs, DKWs, Eglis, Vespas, Vyruses (Vyri?), whatever.

If it's European, has two wheels (or three given a sidecar) ride it on down. Generally this is a gathering and photo op of European motorcycles and Scooters.

So strap a folding chair, some wax and rags on the bike to shine while you swap tales and bench race. Plan to get there by 11 AM. Arrivals before that can gather for a breakfast over at Big Ed's Restaurant. Tir na nOg (Irish) is just across the street and a multitude of other eateries are nearby, within walking distance.

April 10, 2010
Moore Square
downtown, Raleigh, NC

Please observe all the local laws and avoid any squidly hoonage so we can do this again.
Rain date, should we need one, will be the 17th.
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