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Default Re: TAG #3

Originally Posted by Mach VIII
Alright - GOT IT!!!! Finally!

Cool enough place. The beer was good too, albeit a bit on the "hoppy" side. I got some honey-habanero flavored wings as an app. and had a chicken sandwich with great homemade onion rings. Angela rode "co-pilot" and had a burger and some of their fries (the fries are killer BTW).

Name of the place is [insert drumroll]: The Moosehead Grill. Located at 1807 Montford Drive. Thanks for showing me (us) to a good spot Nichelob.

Alright! Glad you enjoyed the food. If you feel inclined to re-visit for dinner on a weekday, do it. G-man cooks up mean specials.

Just like too much fun, I ain't never had too much hop! in my beer!
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