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Rick n Don,
After we got home I took a serious look at my front tire and realised that those wear bars were cropping up fast. I'm not one for pushing my luck so it was some time in the Old Guys Garage". Rick can remember the last time I changed a front tire on the ST and it was intense....I guess that repetition can help in a "job",the more you repeat the same task the more familiar you get with it. Also the temperature makes a difference , cold sport touring tires are easier to mount if they are not cold. I had gotten a "deal" on some MEZ6's for the front and got one out for the install, left it near the lil space heater. Having all the tools to do the job really makes the difference...I placed a small 1x4 on the front of my floor jack and lifted the bike at the oil pan....just enough to clear the floor. Air tools make a big difference while doing such a task too.I guess that working with my NoMar repetition comes into play here....
It was an easy take to use the lube and while at it I tried an old trick,I checked the wheel for balance...good on the mfg it was ok, with the Z6 on and Metzlers and some other tires balance out nice...I used on 5 gram weight. I have a trick for reinstall on my ST, I have a board to put the wheel assy on and the axle simply slides through....the rest of the job is just a reverse of the take down.....I also checked thos pads while them EBC pads....well now I need to do me a shake down and get a few miles on that sucker for our next adventure.....Oh the time frame on this one was about45 minutes total.....not bad for an old guy what to do with the cash I saved doing it myself....ought to get me something
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