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The Service Department Welcome to the cycle clinic. Open 24/7. Got a problem? Get it fixed! Post your service issues or needs here and get a little help from your friends.

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Old 01-15-2011, 02:04 PM
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Default Re: Labor Rate Review

Looking forward to servicing your 1098? Here are the DNA mandated shop charges inclusive of labour, but not including taxes

600 mile service – $144.38
7500 mile service – $ 256.88
15000 mile service – $ 362.20
After 7500 mile Valve service (“Service A”) – $ 294.80
After 15000 mile Valve service (“Service B”) – $366.30

Quite frankly, looking at those rates (which were for 2007), I wouldn’t even work on a Ducati at those prices.
Interestingly, if the service went flawlessly, everything was clean, and nothing out of the ordinary had to be addressed, those would be what I would expect to be the absolute bare minimum costs. The 600 mile service has a cost of about $60 in oil and filter and the oil can be changed in less than a half hour. That gives a shop about $85 or so for the hour of labor and a half hour of play time to check anything else they need/want.

On the other hand, the 15k service would run $60 for oil and filter, about $150 for a set of timing belts, and a few misc dollars for a few gaskets. That would leave about an hour and a half to do the work at average shop rates......and I guarantee you that very few service tech/mechanics can perform the oil change, check all 16 valves, and change the belts in less than two hours and still do quality work.....and you can really start jacking up the time if the valves actually have to be adjusted. Changing out a closing shim is not the easiest nor quickest thing in the world to do, and sometimes you have to change it a few times to finally get the tolerance right.

I couldn't tell you the amount of time I spent on my 748's first valve adjustment at 6000 miles.....I had to adjust 14 of the 16 shims. It took a LOT of time, and that was with me owning an extensive shim kit. I dread having to do the valves on that bike! By the way, when I did that 6k service on my bike, I pulled the cams and wound up changing out four rockers that were stating to flake the chrome. Back then, they were only $45 each, so it wasn't a big deal. That first service cost me $400 in parts. A guy on a Ducati forum had the exact same thing done (with less valves needing adjustment) on his 748 of the same year, and his dealer charged him $1400. I like to think I "saved" myself a cool grand by doing the job myself.....and I'd do the job day in and day out if I could pocket $1000 for each service. I bet I could make an easy $4k-$6k per week without too much trouble and still have the weekends off.

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