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NC - Charlotte, Greensboro/Central NC This forum is for Charlotte, Greensboro and Central NC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 06-25-2008, 12:07 PM
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Default Wednesday on the way to work ~

Here's a little story to remind everyone about how the highways are paved with idiots!

I decided to ride my new bike to work again today on because I was pressed for time with a customer appointment, I took I485 towards the airport. What a beautiful morning and traffic wasn't bad at all.

As I came up on I485 at I77 I was just about to move from the center (soon to be right lane) where I485 splits to I77 when all of a sudden a white BMW 5 series was instantly behind me and suddenly made a quick move to the right lane just as another blue BMW 5 series was moving at the same high rate of speed in the far right lane to pick up I77. I thought to myself - these guys must be having a little road rage thing going on. Well - this prick in the white BMW almost got me. NO TURN SIGNAL so I had no clue what he was going to do. Shaken by this crap I followed him. With my instant acceleration abilty I was immediately a good distance back from him at 120+ mph to gage his speed then I backed off. This guy almost hit a car ahead of me too then shot off the exit onto Hwy 49. As I approached up behind him he swerved in the lane like he was trying to cut me off at the exit. I had done nothing to this jerk other than follow him fo a bit to measure his excessive speed. He rolled down his window at the stop light then started mouthing off at me. This friggin' Cholo had a tank top on, tattoos down his arms, long black hair pulled into a pony tail, sunglasses on, Florida tag, tinted windows (you get the picture right??!). So he speeds off into traffic and gets caught at the stop light by the Chic-Fil-A so I pulled next to him in the left lane. He proceeds to tell me that I think that I'm so tough on that new bike and all sorts of other trash. I ask him what the damn problem was - why did he almost take me out back on 485 and why he didn't know how to use a damn turn signal. He told me to shut the fuck up or "I'll pop you right her - I'll take you out on the spot man" SO (communicating a threat) I pulled my visor down and kept a close eye on his hands as I noticed the CMPD car pulling out of the shopping center. I ran the red light to pull up beside him and tell him the story before he and the traffic caught up. The officer pulled the guy over on Arrowood not far from Time Warner Cable. I followed! As officer Dalton was questioning the guy he became mouthy and was asked if he had a weapon which he did! The officer removed a Beretta handgun (looked about like an 87) with clip from the car. He ran his license and verified he was who he was. He called for reinforcements who soon arrived (2 other cars) - they performed a quick search of the trunk. The officer emptied the big clip of bullets into the trunk and threw the clip inside and shut the lid. He gave the gun back to this guy then let him go. The guys talked to me and told me that the car was leased but they couldn't arrest him BUT the information was in their system with notes about this prick. I told the officers that this guy was the poster child for a drug dealer. We said our goodbyes and I rode on my way to work. If I had been them, I would have at lease pulled out the spare tire and done a complete search of the car. Oh well - interesting ride to work - just thought I would share.....watch out ladies and gentlemen!!

Genetics loads the gun - the environment pulls the trigger.
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