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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 05-23-2010, 07:58 AM
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Default "us" vs "them", two cycle vs four , old vs young...lets eat!

We saw him and instantly recognized what had to be done… the light was still red and my thumper was all in a “state” looking for “green”! throttle up –weight forward—clutch at the friction point!! All we needed was a green light and the charge to turn would be underway…! Just like Peoria or Springfield or even roebling road race track in savannah Georgia!!

This was gonna be a serious confrontation…garret rides a 1972 suzuki gt380 which he lovingly restored to better than stock. Bike is two cycle three cylinder…. This gives it an edge. My bike is a one cylinder four cycle but it IS 500CC.

It was the 1960’s all over again!! The dominant fourstroke thumpers which ruled the world fell prey to the new two strokes that were lighter and more powerful and THE WORLD CHANGED FOREVER!!

Please note that moto gp bikes are some serious kit BUT they used 990cc to even equal what the older 500 two strokes did!!

Now I just had a thought. Can you imagine a 500cc two stroke with the advanced avionics that are now in use on the moto gp bikes!!!! Traction control—anti spin—anti wheelie---active suspension –gps guided engine management !!

Even though superior to moto gp bikes..the two strokes are gone for now. Course all the car manufacturers are working on two stroke projects. Kevin Cameron says he has seen a 385 horsepower two cycle motor that weighs only 75 lbs!!! the future awaits..

Back to the moment….garrett was inocent . He did not know “a game “ was afoot. GREEN LIGHT!! CLUTCH OUT and throttle to the stop. Where ‘d he go ?! a curse muttered under breath.. darn light let him get awa---what’s th---I know that smell!! From yesteryear..the smell of two stroke combustion. He took the by pass..down one gear hard over …throttle at 100% !! we see our quarry now!! Visual rules of engagement…

Turn the modulator off . headlite to low beam to allow me more stealth in my advance..

Aha he got caught by the light. He is going to backroads cycle to pay homage to the “wingmaster” and enjoy the grilling expertise.

He is unaware of my approach. Steady steady we have not been detected .. Now hard on the brakes and we are THERE. Garrett was looking left . I stopped on the right. He did not know we were stopped next to him until I gave the throttle a hard blip.

The look on his face was total surprise! And one of non recognition. THEn he recognized who it was ..but he did not recognize WHO I thought I was or what my intent! I WORKED THE THROTTLE AND LEANED FORWARD.. HE recognized what the deal was and grinned. It was a moment frozen in time..two stroke vs four stroke. Young blood vs old gunfighter. The light was gonna go green…I knew this was gonna happen. The problem is what is the true intent. What level of risk will you accept to go mano a mano.

Garrett got the hole shot. He was not shackled like I am by an emerging conservative streak. ‘sides his two stroke sounded great and the smell took me back back back to rockingham and road Atlanta and roebling road and great times!!

I caught and passed him. I hoped to lead him on a small twisty road adventure on hines farm/wells road just a mile from the shop. Would have delayed our arrival at the feast by 10 minutes. But garrett shook me off and made it clear that he was heading to backroads cycle..

Oh well I banged a downshift and flicked the bike left and led him there.

So THE PLAYERS WERE PRESENT. AND THE BIKES WERE contemporaries of each other. Just wrong environment and bad timing.

Actually garrett was nervous about me.. I do have a brain injury but I do love to ride and have skills.. he was scared. Yep that was it he was scared of the giant old dude.

Actually he was kind. There is no glory in blowing away the misconception and preconceptions of old people. He was being nice to me. allowing me to continue on in my deluded manner with fantasies intact.

On the other hand I think I could pull him and out drive him off of go’vners bridge and hold him off all the way down bray hill to quarter bridge……up Snaefell would be his domain but the sulby straight would be where I got my payback…

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..

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