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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 11-30-2009, 05:58 PM
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Default "TWINS" identical..but different

no THAT was fun ! weird but fun....!!

it is not everyday that you can see an mv augusta brutale and a yamaha sr500 fly in formation on a "mission" and not only have it "WORK" but have fun as well!!!!!

kinda like taking an F-35 and a WWII spitfire and sending them on the same mission ...together?

why did this work?

the sr500's topspeed is the same as the mv augusta's maximum speed....in first gear!!!

it works because of who i am and scott's ascension onto a much higher level of "play" /understanding. the student has surpassed the teacher?

today we had conversation that is not possiable with people who have not turned a wheel in anger on a race course.. i was able to broach subjects that normally cannot be discussed because there is a vast difference in riding on the street...track day riding.....and the ultra competitive world of sanctioned racing.

let me introduce my friend. scott tucker is from wilmington nc. he and his wife(julie) have formed a wonderful life for themselves in this coastal community of nc.

scott has always been a motorcycle nut.. his experiance is laced with the usual motorcross forays and street riding.

when i first met scott; he was an aggressive street rider. his machines were powerful and very capable. but.... his thoughts were full of misconceptions and ideas that are common to sport bike riders. the idea that more power alone will make you faster...is one that comes to mind.

more power just changes the speed that mistakes will be made at..thereby amplifying the subsequent consequences.

more power also complicates the learning curve. you cannot "fix" a problem until you can identify it. big power distorts things. allows fundamental flaws in riding decisions/execution to be masked by ever bigger handfuls of throttle.

fast forward to today.. i am sitting here having breakfast with the southeast regional champion in ccs racing.

discussing the last two years of racing and his experiances is enlightening. 1) it is obvious that the secrets of speed lie in the "mind" and your intellectual approach to the activity2) the idea of looking for improvement more speed and proficency in "your mind " instead of the machine.3) the idea that most limitations are in the mind and your imagination works against you alot of the time. selling you on realities that may not be true or relevant.

any way... the insecure aggressive street rider has evolved into a kool calculating champion with self discipline and talent that is continuing to develope.

i must note and give credit where due. i talk alot..i study alot..but scott has had some real experts in his corner.aaron stevenson or the cornerspeed riding school comes to mind. Aaron is an expert at his craft. even more than that he has a proven record of being able to "communicate" these concepts to students in a logical sequential manner.

scott has done this himself. my only contribution was having conversations about things that "count" in his prescence.

break fast was great. especially as i have been riding solo for the last three weeks. good to have company...

i 'splained to scott that my humble thumper with its old rider and jockey shift .... potential speed is somewhat limited.

he countered with he almost gave up street riding. this is not uncommon among racers. the street is dangerous and the track is the environment where most of the negative variables have been controlled or removed from the equation.
i have explained this to my family till i am blue on the face ...but they are not seeing it. when you say racetrack to "lay people". they hear "speed, aggression,death before defeat, and all sorts of other bs.

fact: the race track every one goes the same direction. the HARD stuff is removed from the area. there are no garbage trucks or cell phone distracted narcoleptics rolling around aimlessly. there are no people going the wrong way down a one way street because for 40 years of their life the street was two way!

any way scott can ride a bike. but he realizes that the street holds the danger. this and perhaps he was being kind to me so that we could ride together.

it was a good ride...speed was in the 65-70 mph range . it was a study in contrasts...this amazing sr500 single and the somewhat pedestrian mv augusta brutale. oppps i think i got that wrong! but wait.........my bike IS A RACE BIKE!!! IT HAS A NUMBER PLATE AND EVERYTHING!!!!!

the two bikes could not have been further apart on the motorcycle spectrum. my sr500 held all the cards..cept the italian art and techno beauty card. my sr500 can go anywhere..at any time. it is light-er and louder and it can traverse ditches and single track trails that would have scott's mv tip toeing carefully lest he get plant stains on his carbon fiber.

it is interesting that my lowly sr500 weighs close to what the moto gp bikes weigh? this fact just fuels the moto gp fantasies that my mind finds so appealing.
it is also the engine configuration that dominates ama short track and tt racing. i can hear Peoria every time i ride.

it is also way kool that at certain speeds in the outback country roads ..my sr500 can morph into a norton manx. unfortunately i cannot morph into mike hailwood, jim redman ,bill ivy, or john hartle..

i do regret installing my cold weather fairing. i have 4 different fairings for my thumper. i can install any of them in less than 5 minutes. i put one of the bigger ones on and took the smaller sportier one off because the weather man implied that cold weather was a comin....

the big screen is very comfortable but inhibits my moto fantasies...darn.

so we went for a ride.... it was great ! relaxing and yet intresting. was it fast? uhhh not really. but we did carry big corner speed. and took a route rich with swervery.

at beulaville we stopped for a drink and to discuss motorcycle developement and de evolution. the tires really drive the point home. the mv augusta has the latest in wide radial construction. eveny thing about the bike is set up to support that tire's usage and alllow the rider to safely /comfortably take advantage of it promise. tire costs between 140.00-240.00.

in contrast ..the sr500 tire works everywhere on any surface and is highly communicative and very forgiving. it too is perfect for the bike it is mounted on . the bike's traditional conservative engineering is aimed at allowing the rider to tap into the tires promise. cost 41.00

mv augusta makes their money primarily from the construction of helicopters. this aviation tie in is evident on the brutale motorcycle. there is an obvious concern for engineering "correctness" and low weight but also to a higher "asethetic". is it nice? it is beautiful....

a surprise in beaulaville! okay it is no surprise to find that the mv is a magnet for motorheads and pretty girls every where. it just exudes exotica and women can recognize "expensive" and "italian" very easily.

some sport bike riders came over to check out the sr500. they ignored that mv just sitting there looking very "common". i 'splained that the "jockey shift" was really to deploy the weapon system. heee hee

it was pretty fun watching and measuring the reaciton of the sport bike riders to the mv.

one of the guys...hey it is matt lowder. i thought he was deployed ! he thought i was dead! broken leg all summer--might as well have been. he does deploy for the middle east in early janurary. said he had not been out because of all the work ups they have been doing getting ready to deploy. best of luck to you and your guys. lets ride when you get back!!!

so it turned out pretty good day. friends....discussions...and fun! and in some ways we proved a fact. it is not what you ride but THAT you ride that counts...

it also does not take a ton of money ...but if your taste runs to italian engineering or italian art? best bring a wheel barrow full.

take care

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