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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 05-23-2010, 06:49 AM
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Default What a Great day! just a guy on walkabout with his motorcycle

What a beautiful day!! Temp is right…sun is shining..the perfect day to be out enjoying yourself. Motorcycling is just that kind of activity that is almost perfect for a day like today. Indeed it was a perfect day to be out. No better time to be walking along thinking about life ….laughing at humorous situations. A great day to be out pushing your motorcycle….

Could not have been any better. I was pushing my Yamaha sr500 home ..big ole smile on my face. Just enjoying the heck out of the remains of the day. Just a guy out getting back in touch with life and feelings and exercising ..

Feels marvelous to exercise. My body is new to me---powerful –light—and feeling good!


I was pushing my favorite bike to push..the highly esteemed sr 500 yamaha. A bike that is perfect for pushing. At 360 lbs it is light and pushing it is almost like pushing nothing at all. As I walked along exercising my body and putting miles on my Nikes. Thoughts and memories just raced thru my mind---

There were feelings of de je vue.. having pushed a bike along this trek before.. seemed like last time it was the tdm 850 out of gas? No wait that was the time before ……………the last time was the zebra bmw with the broken throttle cable and the dying battery.

I have pushed this way many times before.. in fact it can be argued that “you don’t really know a bike until you have pushed it a mile or two.

The last time I had a broken leg and I was over 30 lbs heavier.

So glad I lost that weight---every 25 lbs is a tenth of a second in the ¼ mile!! Getting faster all the time….

So I walked along thinking…patting myself on the back for building a street tracker as opposed to a café bike. omar’s slidewayz bars are the perfect height for pushing. Not like those low café clubman bars. Those clubman barz will get you low out of the wind but for “pushing” the dirt track handlebars are definitely the way to go.

Hey I am making pretty good time. getting into my stride now..putting that 40 inch inseam to work.. yeah buddy this is the WAY and I FEEL GREAT!!

OKAY now left –right left right left right left right im in the middle of the “big sweeper” now. My friend scott collier used to burn thru this corner at 130 mph every morning. He loved riding his motorcycle. he died tragically…………………………………but not on his motorcycle. he had been putting pressure on me to go skydiving with him..said it was better than motorcycling. that is when I realized that he was an adrenaline junkie. I told him that as a child my fear of heights was such that I would hide on the floor of the car from 20 miles away from wilimington cause THAT bridge was in my mind!! Told Scotty there was no way I would jump out of an airplane.

My fear of heights was bemusment for my parents who reassured me as we crossed that bridge “that don’t worry son..they won’t fall” fast forward to about 1994 labor day weekend I am sitting in the worst traffic snarl in Wilmington I have ever seen. We were trying to get to myrtle beach sc and our condo. I asked someone what the problem was? “ the lift bridge platform fell 10 inches and traffic is being rerouted over the smaller older bridge”

I instantly thought of my dad---“SEEE they DO fall”. Even at my somewhat mature age there is still a defiant teenager living somewhere inside.

This turn sure is long. And scott sure loved it on that 1988 suzuki gsxr1100. scott did die tragically but not on his bike. his parachute did not fully deploy and did a cigarette roll. He apparently did not “cut “ away the main BEFORE deploying the reserve. He had 84 jumps

Yeah motorcycles CAN be dangerous but are not inherently so. The risk can be managed…indeed it must be managed. Efforts in improving threat recognition, skill development and visual conspicuity must never end. Knowledge IS power.

Funny but just when the cynic in me is about to put the “issue “ to rest. Good Samaritans appear from no where and offer assistance. I did not have far to push but 4 different people stopped to offer rides or inquire if I needed help?

I wonder if this is normal ? or if it reflects the strong Marine Corps influence in the area? Marines just like others who make sacrifices and serve their country. They are “FIXERS”. THEY throw their efforts at a problem because they want to make a difference or perhaps THE difference. They do this not seeking recognition or even appreciation. They do this because THEY are people who can make a difference right now. And are wiling to do so. God Bless them all.

I remember a time years ago..i was walking into Fayetteville after abandoning a gasless bike on the out skirts of town. No body stopped ---at all. It was night time and dark and I can not blame them as the movie “THE HITCHER” starring Rutger Hauer was currently playing on HBO. Yep----nobody stopping for ME. not this week or this time of night. People see a 6’9 blond male walking down the road in the dark after seeing THAT movie the night before is gonna say….”uhhhh heck no I ain’t stopping !! that boy can just keep on walking!! STOP? ME? ARE YOU CRAZY?!!”

I thought about what happene today to reduce my status from rider to pedistrian. The chain came off yet again..but this time with a twist. It sucked itself forward into the countershaft area and stopped ….permanently.

I could have corrected the issue on the side of the road….BUT… the set of allen wrenches that I usually always have with me were laying at home where I was working on the cx500. "murphy's law" dictated that my gerber multi tool had everything BUT what I needed. Even using imagination and entering the realm of “tool abuse” could not find me a solution. CREATIVE FOCUSED tool abuse was no help either ...just added risk and prospect of PAIN to the equation..

I needed a 5 mm allen wrench to free the cover and expose the mess. But on the other had I did not have a 34mm socket or impact to remove the countershaft nut. That is some serious torque required!! Eating Cheerios is not going to get it done successful weight loss or not

I eventually did arrive back home and set about making repairs. Took some doing but repairs were made..

Why did this happen? I am not totally sure but two things come to mind. The 15/44 sprocket combo is partly to blame. The 15 countershaft turns the chain on a tighter radius and has fewer teeth engaging the chain at any moment. Plus having installed the narrower lighter 520 set up from the xt….the ppi went up even more. So the stuff is wearing quite a bit and the power is transferring thru less and less actual area of contact.

So what did I do? I removed the sprocket and oil line and got the chain out. I installed a new 520 master link and adjusted the chain in such a way as to increase safety and security.

It COULD have been a big deal. Drive line issues that lock the wheel …pulling the clutch will not necessarily start the wheel turning again.

My bike is not truly safe at this time.i have a new rear sprocket coming and I have a 15 tooth 530 front and I will buy a new chain or I will check the low mileage 530 o ring I have in the wings for viability.

Come to think of it I have put almost 10,000 miles on the bike since I got it from chris. The bike is a 1980 and had 13,000 miles on it when I got it. that means in 1 year over half of which was lost to a broken leg . I have almost doubled the mileage that it got in the previous 19 years!!!

Yep I love this bike…and I have been riding others as well.

I guess I do ride a lot….and it seems I push a lot. Sometimes this is okay as it gives me time to think and ponder the times of my life.

I hear you Rod my friend…”funny how the bikes that are the hardest to PUSH..are the ones that are least likely to actually need pushing”

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