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Old 02-24-2013, 12:59 PM
guiri guiri is offline
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Default My Helmet Hook is ready to sell. Don't want to drop your helmet, read this!

So, your helmet keeps falling off the bike? Boy, do I have a solution for you.

Like many inventions and ideas, the Helmet Hook was born from frustration. I simply dropped my helmet one too many times.
My helmet only cost me $137 and it still hurt every time that thing fell on the ground and started rolling around. I can only imagine
what people feel that have a $500+ helmet...

(Note that bike pictures are Customer pictures)

Anyway, without further ado, I present the Helmet Hook...
  • When you stop to get gas, hang your helmet on the Helmet Hook.
  • No more hanging it on the rear view mirrors only to have to readjust them.
  • Did you know that when hanging your helmet on your rear view mirrors or even the bar end weights on your handlebar,
  • you risk crushing the helmet liner which will lower it's ability to protect your head. Arai even says so in their helmet manuals.
    Please see page 11 in their online manual here.
    Of course, the same thing
  • applies if you hang it on your foot pegs.
  • If your helmet falls, you risk breaking your visor which can be a hassle and very expensive.
  • The Helmet Hook is also very convenient. Unlike a helmet lock, you don't have to lock your bike, get off and then unlock the helmet lock.
    Simply hang it on your Helmet Hook
  • The position of the Helmet Hook is IDEAL. It's at the furthermost point from the bike.
  • If you have Bar End Weights on your bike (and if not, they're cheap) you can use the Helmet Hook.
  • If you have Hand Guards, you can use the Helmet Hook.
  • We are also working on a version that you can slide on the handlebar between the hand grip and the control cluster/switch housing,
    so please specify before ordering. This version will be available for 7/8" and 1" diameter handlebars and possibly even 1-1/4" please check
    site or ask here for availability as some forums do not allow update of the original post.
  • The Helmet Hook is compatible with virtually every bike on the market Street Bike, Dirt Bike, ATV, etc.
  • Been shopping? Hang your bags on the Helmet Hook while getting your gloves out of the bike luggage, etc. Hang the
  • bags and have your hands free to open the Top Box.
  • Do you keep your bike on a Battery Tender? Hang the cables on the Helmet Hook to keep them from dragging on the ground.
  • Installation is very simple. Unscrew the Bar Weight or Hand Guard, put the Helmet Hook in place and screw Weight or Guard back on.
  • You can hang your helmet from the STRAP, from the D-Rings or other type of attachment and it even works with ratcheting type straps.
  • The Helmet Hook is made from 1/4" ABS Plastic and is very strong. In fact we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Helmet Hook.
  • Should the Helmet Hook ever break or fail in any way, take a picture of the broken one, send it to us and we'll replace it immediately.

The Helmet Hook works with all helmets:
  • If you have a helmet where you loop your strap around D-Rings, you can either hang it in the D-Rings themselves or you can hang
  • it in the strap while attached to the D-Rings.
  • If you have a helmet with a Ratcheting type strap, you can hang it in the Ratcheting end because the bend/opening in the Helmet Hook
  • is small enough that it keeps the Ratcheting end from sliding through.
  • If you have a quick snap type adapter on the end of your strap, it works just like the Ratcheting end because it will not go through.

Price and ordering information!

If' you'd like to order a hook or two, please post HERE in the forum and then follow up with a PM or e mail me to info AT extuff DOT biz
Notifications sometimes don't work as they should. You can also send a payment to info AT totaldesignz DOT COM for the correct amount.
If you prefer NOT to post something here and just buy straight from the site, you must let me know in the comments section that you are
a member in order to get your discount. Another reason why posting here is a good idea. It also helps others see what you think, etc.
Member price is $13.95 per hook including shipping to the USA.
International orders are $13.95 plus $2 for the additional shipping and again, add $1 for each additional hook.
Note that I have resellers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK so if you're from there, again, post your inquiry here
and I will respond with their contact information. When their sites are up and running, you will be able to get there directly from my shopping
site at extuff.biz or TheHelmetHook.com (bottom of the Helmet Hook page)
Pad locks are an additional $2.55 regardless if you're local or outside the US. No added shipping cost for the first lock if bought with hook/s.
Note that you can use any pad lock but because the shackle has to go through both sides of the Helmet Hook, it requires a fairly long
shackle and those pad locks tend to be big. Smaller pad locks usually have a shorter shackle. The one I sell has the advantage of fitting
very snugly so if you decide to keep it in while riding, it won't rattle. You can probably find a smaller/travel pad lock in certain travel stores
or travel sections in stores but they tend to be up to around $6-8. Most of them are combination type locks by the way.
Because my sales threads are way too long, I've decided to use a shorter version (this is it) so please, if you'd like, have a look
at the more detailed/updated version on my site at http://www.extuff.biz/helmethook/helmet-hook-page.htm

You can use the Helmet Hook on Scooters too. Here's a pic of a Suzuki Burgman 400.

Although NOT designed as a Helmet LOCK, after a customer request, I decided to add two holes for adding a pad lock. Note that although you don't
have to buy the lock from us, it will make things easier as it requires a long shackle to make it through both sides of the Helmet Hook and the small
pad locks have short shackles and the ones with longer shackle, is usually too thick.

Finally, I appreciate all feedback/tesimonials and pictures. Anything you post/send me will NOT be used without permission.

Also I have a very small business and rely a great deal on people posting/sharing this so please
share anywhere (social media and above, foreign forums as I don't speak too many languages).
You can use any pics you find here or on my site.

Always looking for resellers (not just companies) world wide.

Thanks for looking and ride safely, George

Last edited by guiri : 08-03-2014 at 09:27 PM.
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