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Greasy Garage and Happy Thoughts This is a forum for those who enjoy sharing happy thoughts. Humor, general gab, or just quiet calm thoughts. It's the Greasy Garage so grab a beer, pull up a chair and relax.

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Old 11-05-2011, 10:00 AM
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Default SV650 front wheel installation on a Vstrom

Installing a used 07 SV650 17" front wheel/fender on a 08 DL650 Vstrom.

Vstrom with original 19" front wheel:

Vstrom with SV650 17" front wheel & fender painted gloss black.

The original 08 DL650 front rotors would not fit the 07 SV650 front wheel due to the rotor mounting bolt circle being larger diameter on the 08 DL650.

07 SV650 wheel:

08 DL650 Wheel and Rotor:

Purchased a set of used 06 DL650 front rotors and they fit the 07 SV650 wheel. Before mounting the SV650 wheel, checked fit of 08 DL650 axle in 07 SV650 wheel/bearings and the 08 DL650 axle fit the same depth as it did in the 08 DL650 wheel/bearings. Also measured distance between original mounting surface of 08 DL650 rotors, compared to mounting surfaces on the SV650 wheel and both were the same. DL650 rotors are larger diameter than SV650 rotors, so 06 DL650 rotors were used to match the original diameter of the 08 DL650 rotors. The calipers are a tight fit removing/replacing the wheel/rotor and the caliper need to be "gently" rocked back & forth to expand the gap between the brake pads to remove.

Cuts made in SV650 fender as shown:

Gaps from 120/70/17 tire to fender front & back:



The front mounting holes were drilled first about 11/16" to 3/4" from the center of the curve
above the hole to the center of the hole:

Left 1/4" gap as seen from the fender to the fork tube. Only drilled the front holes first to allow for tire clearance adjustment when drilling rear holes:

Purchased about $6 worth of mounting hardware from Lowes, material used: two 3/16"X1" fender washers, four nylon spacers 1/2"X.194"X1", two M6-1.00X30 bolts for the front, two M5-.80X40 bolts for the rear

Hardware from Lowes used as follows, cut the the front nylon spacers almost in half with about 25 degree angle on one end & drilled original ID hole large enough for front M6 bolts, used fender washers on inside of front fender and cut about 1/8" off of rear nylon spacers to use as washers on inside of rear fender, drilling not necessary for bushing ID for M5 bolts:

Inside of SV650 fender:

Finished detail photos:

Installed a SpeedoDRD and reset the speedometer.

The bike has been very stable from straight line high speed to mountain twisties. Have a very large selection of 120/70/17 front street tires to choose from.

Delivered Cost:

New SpeedoDRD: $70
Used 07 SV650 front fender: $30
Used 06 DL650 Rotors: $207
Used 07 SV650 front wheel $130
Hardware from Lowes: $6

Total: $443

SpeedoDRD installation:

Found the plug to connect to in front of the air filter where
the screwdriver is pointing. This was a good time to change
the air filter, too.

The screwdriver tip is touching the plug to unplug and plug the
SpeedoDRD into.

This is the original plug separated and the SpeedoDRD plugs plugged in. The SpeedoDRD cable is in the left side of the photo. The speedometer plug is not easy to get to, but did not have to remove the bottom half of the air filter or radiator to get to the plug.
Had to be patient.

This is the button on the SpeedoDRD to press when setting up the - or + % needed to correct the speedometer.

Secured the sealed SpeedoDRD on the fuel tank sending unit cable so it's easy to get to.

Video on setting up the SpeedoDRD.


Here is a short YouTube video about the Vstrom modification:



Additional work on this experimental project:

Once owned a 07 SV650 and really liked it, but it was not comfortable for my passenger, but still loved the Suzuki 90 degree V twin. Bought the Vstrom because of the great engine & it has more comfort for two up compared the SV650. Have another bike for DS riding and wanted a larger selection of front street tires for the Vstrom. I had 45MPH headshake (wobble) with some tires on the Vstrom 19'' wheel and the 19" wheel was within OEM specs with steering head bearing tightened to OEM specs. Have not had any headshake issues with the 17" front wheel.

Was hesitant lowering the rear of the Vstom because of reduced clearance, but was pleasantly surprised last weekend during the test ride with the bike lowered 1" front & back. Plus by lowering the front & rear 1" together the bike should be closer to original rake & trail. The Sonic Fork Springs got rid of the braking nosedive & front fork softness I had with OEM springs. With the Sonic fork springs and setting the rear shock at maximum pre-load, could ride as fast as "I" wanted last weekend without touching down the foot pegs.

This Vstrom handles great & is a delight to ride.

Will paint the front fender yellow and the project will be completed.

Here's a couple photos of the mountain test ride.

[img width=800 height=531]http://i657.photobucket.com/albums/uu299/vstromklr/2013/287786_zps8ddb0531.jpg[/img]

When looking at a series of photos of the Vstrom while riding the Dragon last May, only touched down with the pegs, but noticed there was not "much" clearance with the SW Motech centerstand. Decided to remove the centerstand and shortened/welded the sidestand 1/2".

Shortened sidestand:

For maintenance I use paddock stands with a front triple tree stand:

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