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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 05-07-2011, 04:02 PM
madmotomike madmotomike is offline
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Default Tale of woe and adventure!! MY THUMPER ROCKS!!

[i][/Well it is always something.. and when it is not “something”; it is “something else?

Especially with my sr500manxTTbeemerparis-dakarracerclassisstreetfighter. I was at the Honda shop to pick up my special order rear 40 tooth sprocket. That’s right a 40. I realize that you know that 44 tooth is stock. The desire to push the gearing to the extremes in a research project was overwhelming.

After this stop my next was dmv liscense plate agency which is right next door. Since I was there and “not thinking” I asked my friends to do the nci inspection on my bike.

This is where the problems started. The inspector at the Honda shop put me in the “system” with a “defective exhaust” “and worn tires”. He also noted a leaky shock!! The system is my thumper rock and roll system that features a bigger head pipe and a reverse cone meg. When it last repacked the sound deadening stuff I had my friend weld the baffle back in since it was on its last legs. The tires were fine…for depth AND wear. They were dualsport tires and the rear was only 3 mm from brand new and had at least 10-11 mm of depth left!!!

I NEEDED and EXPECTED a “RUBBER STAMP” passing of my bike! In an instant my day was ruined and I was suddenly burdened with unexpected extra work!! To say I embarrassed myself is an understatement..i am usually a reasonable calm person but this sit “tripped my switch”. The smoke coming out of my ears eventually stopped. The murderous haunting eyes of a religious zealot returned to normal……I was rigged for combat and angry as hell!!

NOW? I just feel like I owe someone an apology..it was “close” very close….if it started I do not think I could stop. I have a lot of pent up anger and rage that could have made a real mess..

Part of my anger is that the bike has worn 4 different pairs of shocks in the last two days..i have been ‘speriemting with geometry and compromise.

The good news is that my sr500 is now a twin! That’s right I bought another one from my friend murf . it is not a runner but can become one.

To solve my situational crisis. I went home and changed the shock yet again . I want something that will give maximum cornering clearance AND that has a high enough spring rate for the way I ride and my fat butt(270 lbs diet forthcoming). The ones I liked are off a honda cb700sc. Bike it heavier . shocks are v ery long and feature some adjustable rebound damping.

They worked great..

I took off the exhaust as it needed paint any way …and hmmmmm.! I have the original muffler from my sr500 and a good head pipe on the one I just got! Can madmotomike be HAPPY with a quiet sr500?

Opps stock exhaust won’t fit with the big long Honda shocks. I searched around and found shocks that were appealing but wanting in some variable. I eventually found a pair off a Honda cb650sc 1985. They are shorter but have heavy springs built to deal with a 500+lb bike. They fit and cleared the pipe. This is great!

This will work. CAN I STAND IT ? how will the cornering clearance be affected? Will the lack of ‘noise” affect my love of my bike or the fantasy trips it promotes?

The cornering clearance is better than with “THE PIPE”! tucks in better and is acceptable. I hate the extra weight but THIS is more of a theoretical annoyance than real. “lighter is better” FACT!! However… the bike sure was quiet and relaxing and unobtrusive. AND…the guilt of riding something that was in fact probably hurting public image of the sport I love was gone. AND with a quiet bike you can SNEAK around at higher speeds relatively “undetected”. THIS is good.

The tires were easily legal but I had already ordered a new rear in a better size. The dual sport tire was a shinko 120-80-18. This is oversize for the rim as the sr500 comes stock with a 4.00 x18. THIS size is a 100 aspect ratio. It was okay but NOT the best for sporting pursuits. The 110-90-18 is perfect1 the bike loved it ! the sr500 is a short light bike and handles great . this being the case….it is relatively accepting of a variety of tire sizes. But I want to tell you the agility and quickness of direction changing was much improved. As was the precision. I like very much!

The gearing was affected by about 200 rpm. The new tire has a slightly smaller circumference compared to the 120-80-18. This accounts for the change. I expect the 110 -90 to not last as long as the 120-80 but this is no problem. The 120-80-18 was installed on one of my xt500 wheels and that comb o will be returned to its home. Dual sport tires are great on road as they usually have less traction and a broad band of “disengagement” . this is very helpful when trying to get the 59 inch wheelabased xt “pointed” early in a corner.


Pretty darn good! I HAD an sr500 with a rock and roll soul and go any where –take on all comers attitude. Defiant and somewhat obnoxious with its superior handling –dirt track handlebar-and rock and roll exhaust.

I have now joined “the establishment”. My bike feels like a one cylinder bMW R100. The quieter operation allows me to just ride and think. The handling potential is still at the upper ranges of what is possible. I have kept the dirt track bar as it gives such a confidance inspiring control platform …I cannot accept less than “the most”.

The bike has changed and it has changed me AND the way my brain works on it. Now I go on “RIDES” enjoying the outing and relaxing and blending in with societal norms and expectations..

Before I rode around “looking for challenges”. Responding quickly the “slights “ , disrespect, or “perceived slights”. Bike and I had a chip on our collective shoulder. Yes it is a single---but it is NOT that kind of single!! Mess with us at your own peril! You ever heard of the isle of mann? Norton manx? Peoria? American flat track?THOSE PLACE ARE "HALLOWED GROUND"...and THOSE bikes are also singles!!!

NOW… my bike is more relaxed and secure and I am enjoying the sancturary/tranquility. And the lack of guilt!!

We are “nicer” now..

Lets go ride!

Opps forgot to tell you about the gearing. 16/44 is stock. I am running 17/44 right now. 60mph =4000. 70mph=5000. As it sits right now with the 32mm carb and stock pipe it will not pull redline in top gear. Gas mileage is a best of 64mpg . the 40 tooth rear will turn both into extreme overdrives. With the new sprocket it may result in a bike that hits its top speed in “3RD” GEAR!!

I AM wondering if I can get it to run on the pilot jet at highway speeds. I also have the 36 mikuni waiting in the wings but at a serious hit to fuel milage. This big carb is like bolting on 6-10 hp. But gas mileage is king and fuel is like gold….

I just like mess’n with my bikes.

The sr is a good guinea pig as it is very accomadating except to top end access(motor got to come out for rocker cover removal). Stereo shocks take less than 10 minutes to change. I have 15 sets(8inch -16.5) and 1 aet of aluminum struts that give minimal (for appearance) wheel clearance . look cool but do unmentionable things to practicality and cornering clearance.

Now I think I am gonna go ride..

Take care


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