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Greasy Garage and Happy Thoughts This is a forum for those who enjoy sharing happy thoughts. Humor, general gab, or just quiet calm thoughts. It's the Greasy Garage so grab a beer, pull up a chair and relax.

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Old 11-30-2011, 10:08 PM
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Default Motorcycle Dealership Employee....Stories from behind the counter

I am sure everyone has horror stories from the customer side of the counter. Since its winter and we need a little humor I'd thought I'd lighten the mood and share stories from the other side of the counter. Back in the day when I was in Engineering School I was also the parts manager at a Large multi-brand motorcycle dealership for several years. It was great fun while it lasted.....I graduated and went a got a real job.......It paid way better but was not nearly as much fun. By the way Buddy Holly can vouch that these are true as he was there too. He's got stories too hint hint. Anybody else who worked in a dealership feel free to share and add to the thread. I'll share a few and if you like'em let me know I'll post more.

Setup - Store manager asks me if I'll go out on a repo. "All ya gotta do is ride the repo back to the shop. The guys from the bank will give you a ride there and you ride the bike back." Ok I said figuring it was a good way to kill a couple of hours. So I'm riding with the bankers in the car and notice there is a sheriff's deputy following us very closely so I ask about that. At that point the bankers fess up the last repo attempt did not go well because the bike owner had produced a firearm which ceased the repo in progress. But this time it will be ok because we have the sheriff along.......Now I'm getting worried....So we pull up to the house, the bike is out front with the keys and no one is around. So far so good this should be quick and easy but nooooooooo its a Yamaha Virago that has the all too common starter clutch failure where the starter spins but won't turn the motor. Helmet off, so I can have a conference with the deputy sheriff and the bankers. I suggested we go back to the shop get the van and come back and get the bike. The deputy didn't like that idea and said he was not waiting around for that to happen. What else can you do? Was his question. My answer "We could push start the bike"...Deputy "That's a good idea" Bankers "How does that work?" At which point I explained to the bankers they would be pushing me down the street as fast as they could run while I attempted to get the bike to start. They were not real wild about the idea but said ok. (I Also should add, the bankers were in suits and ties and it was a very hot July day in Greenville, SC) The Jackets came off so I had 2 bankers push me down the street to start the bike (The picture in my mind is priceless 2 bankers sweating and running down the street to push a bike and the deputy watching the whole thing.) The bike fired up and I rode it back to the shop making damn sure the engine never went below 4 grand so it would stay running. After that I became the shop repo guy and did a few more repos after that.........

Setup - I came back from lunch one day, parked my bike in front of the shop. A customer came up and asked me about it, but he asked a strange question "How was the clutch" Not sure what to say I said it worked like the clutch in every other motorcycle I'd ridden just pretty normal. I didn't think too much more about it and went back to my desk behind the parts counter. I then heard a motorcycle rev up to about 8 grand so I looked out the showroom window quickly enough to catch a glimpse of said customer wheeling a brand new full fairing bike across 3 lanes of traffic on 291 in Greenville doing a rear fender drag wheelie. Needless to say this did not end well as the customer hit the eject button off the back and the motorcycle crashed on its own in the median with 6 lanes of traffic zipping by. After it was determined the customer was ok and only scratched up the salesman asks for a copy of his license so an insurance claim could be filed (This is a little like closing the barn door after the horse is out)......Dooooooooooooh there's no motorcycle endorsement on his license so no the insurance won't pay to fix the bike since an unlicensed rider was test riding........After a few more questions the customer fesses up this is the first bike he's EVER ridden. Now the question about the clutch makes sense. Needless to say, somehow they found a way to finance this guy and yes he did buy the bike he crashed.......He's your sign...........

If you want more post up words of encouragement...........

There's a good one about our service manager (Who had a wicked sense of humor) and a customer with a large prismatic snake decal (This was the 80's) on the gas tank...........Another story for another day.
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