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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 11-04-2010, 08:38 AM
madmotomike madmotomike is offline
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madmotomike Curb Monkey
Default LIFE is an adventure!......drink deep

I hear ya!

What happened to madmotomike and his “endless” drivel? I know you are missing it as the tall left handed one wanders thru life on the back of his trusty steed----opening minds and antagonizing every one along the way….

Rod does not know what to do with himself! No madmotomike prose to poke holes in .. he must be pent up something bad just waiting for ME to write something that he can harpoon me about!!

Actually “things” are better with my friend rod. He only attacks me some times now and in a friendly kinda way--!

“THE REASON” there have been no stories is two fold. 1) my thirteen year old daughter has discovered face book among other things and “camps “ on my computer when I should be emptying my mind of funny /not so funny happenings in my world.

2) I have been busy—doing a lot of riding and playing a lot of racquet sports. Tennis and racquetball and especially table tennis. It is so addictive and so aggressive that I can’t stop. Forest Gump? Amateur! The game is sizzling fast and suddenly I find my self dreaming of loop drives from 5 feet off the table!! And mind guided precision ordance off the backhand!!

Will there you have it! how does this tie into motorcycling? hmmmm…Freddie spencer credited table tennis with helping him develop his championship winning focus. True true.

Any way I want to catch you guys up on what’s been happening..

The good/bad news first. Did you know that with the help of some 34 inches wide flat track barz ;you can flick an mz baghira into a right hand corner so hard that the front end will puuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh for ---------a whole year?!!!!!!!!! Well you can! did it yesterday! Hell no I did not do it on purpous!! The cold and underinflated tire and the lady on the cell phone closing very quickly on my 6 all contributed..

How’d I save it! will I applied 72 .5 foot lbs of corrective torque to the bike and hooked that beast back up!!

You believe that? Okay it sounded better to me than telling you guyz that I started crying and smelling those hospital smells and my orthopaedic dr and my wife appeared to me in a vision and were beating me severely with with various implements of torture!!

God was merciful..or I AM “GOOD”!!! the tire pressure was the most important variable in my near shunt. I pushed on the tire before I left the house because I have not ridden the mz in couple of weeks as it was down for a water pump mechanical issue.WHEN I pushed on the tire it felt firm. Note it was colder and I may be losing my thumb/air pressure calibration. It felt acceptable----NOT!! AFTER I changed my shorts and let my heart rate slow down some; I did indeed check the tire pressure.. 16 psi IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! THAT setting does not work for mister mz on pavement!!

I did not fall off. But the mz is an amazing bike and THAT handlebar when mated to that 120-70-17 sport tire is THE HOOK UP! YES you can play with traction and yes the bar gives enough leverage to “get it back” when you play too close to the edge.

Two weekends ago on Sunday morning . matt and I had an interesting adventure. I had a “plan” and matt was curious to at least go along with it. we rode “the back way” to riggs road where every Saturday and Sunday some maniacs of a different sort gather to fly their rc aircraft and helicopters.

We stopped to check it out! THOSE GUYS are having way too much fun! The planes ran the gamut from very expensive authentic looking birds to 5 individuals who bought a bunch of plans off the internet for 15.00 and BUILT their birds. These planes were by far the most radical in design . there was a “flying wing” and all kind of normal props vs pusher props. They indicated that their approach was less expensive and more satisfying as well.

So matt and I wandered around checking out all the action. There seems to be a subcult in the rc flying. There are planes and then there are “HELICOPTORS”. THE helo pilots are radical and arrogant and definitely walk their own track. It was great visiting and then watching them fly.

I learned some stuff…first I learned that the laws of physics are suspended in this activity. The only limits are in the mind . And my mind is not developed well enough to even understand that which I was witnessing. One gentleman was in the state finals……

His expertise was in “3D” flying . There I said it…..can not explain what it means ! even after witnessing his skill----I still do not know how those moves are possible! If I had not seen with my own eyes; I would have argued “impossiable”!!

It was quite a good time . it always is when you are around people who are passionate about what drives them.

There was an “incident”. One of the helos was doing some tame stuff and then inexplicably flew straight into the ground. The sickening crunch of carbon fiber and titanium sounded “bad” but the tortured sounds from his wallet were even worse..

Everybody rushed over extending sympathy and trying to reassure the pilot. The inquiries were “powere failure?” or “fuel delivery” and such ? but the pilot just calmly blamed “clumsy thumbs”. A class act even in the face of 12-1500 dollars to repair the bird.

We stayed awhile and watched the dogfighting . and enjoyed the battles with the big dragon flys. Birds are too big and realized instantly that THEY WANT no part of this game.

Matt and I took the long twisty way home …it was a fun day.

Fast forward to this last weekend…

Saturday was the british sports car club of the cape fears annual show by the battleship. For me THIS is an “automatic”. That is I do not miss it ever!!

Thursday I went to the RAT (riders of area triumphs) meeting at southeastern chopper/Triumph of Jacksonville. They are the new triumph dealer in town. Judging from the commitment they have made I think they will be very successful. The meeting was neat and I was able to meet many more enthusiast that enjoy riding. I mentioned the sports car deal at the battleship on Saturday and indicated that I would swing by on the way out of town in case anybody wanted to go along.

It was short notice so I was not surprised that it was just Derek and I heading south. Yes we went the back way!! YOU have got to know by now that m3 does not do four lane roads unless there is no othe option.

The ride down was “semi” spirited. Usually when Derek and I are off on walk about ----let the hair down and give the juice! However as some one who is looking at a 70 in a 45 ticket already and some one else who has got to have a clean license for his job—there was no motivation.

I pretended I was normal and just rode easy . It was the most efficient tank of gas I have ever had on the 400 bandit..49 mpg!! Thank you derek!! That mpg is amazing as the bandit is absolutely the toughest bike for me to restrain myself on!! I guess the sound of 14,000 rpm and the light agile rolling chassis just “fire “ me up? My other bikes do not invite this kind a riding and the nature of big single cylinder(yam sr500,xt500,MZ 660 baghira street moto) bikes is not about rpm or revability. They run good but more rpm brings vibration which indicates less than ideal happiness. they run well and are fun to ride but they don't "thrive" on rpm.....

The bandit is quick …it sounds so fantastic ripping toward the stratosphere…and it is HAPPY!!...TOTALLY SMOOTHE…. My thumpers will run at high rpm but they are not really happy there…

The show was fantastic! There were the usuall stuff triumphs , jags, mini coopers, mgs ,Austin healeys but there was also a jag sports racer of the type I have pictures of phil hill, john cooper and that era driving.

I liked the datsun 510 autocrosser. It was well developed and had very sophisticated suspension componentry.

The “tool kit” on the Bentley caught my eye..talk about luxury and things “over the top” whew!!

I still love the triumph tr6 but the jag xk 140 looked a treat. I could almost see myself floating along the blue ridge parkway on a warm day in one. almost….

There was a big crowd and everyone seemed to be having a great time. there were a lot of motorcycles there!! A lot of triumph motorcycles –new and old. I carefully placed business cards for the Southeastern Steel Triumph of Jacksonville NC on the bikes. Started some conversations…one guy just got his Bonneville. He bought it from ray price in raliegh nc. He called Jacksonville and was told by one dealer that there is not a triumph dealer in Jacksonville! I gave him the card and set him straight…told him how wonderful the facility looks and of the great enthusiastic staff that works there. I mentioned “the coffe goddess” and her amazing talents and slight of hand with creating unequaled satisfying coffee creations!!

The gentleman looked relieved and excited . relieved because there WAS a dealer much closer to Wilmington where he resides and excited because here was a business that “spoke HIS language”!!

We had a great time!! no I did NOT successfully manage to actually fit in the sport 2000 open wheel race car that was on display. i guess race car drivers are NOT 6'9'? Disappointment.

I also noticed that the drivers foot rest was in the "classic" position to the left in most of the cars and NOT in the modern location between clutch pedal and brake pedal to facilitate more options when it comes to fancy footwork downshifting upon corner entry….i note the old school style but as Aryton Senna IS A MOTOR GENIUS and my hero….HIS IS THE WAY!

The ride home was brisk—er! My bandit got the "bit" in its teeth on shaw highway and stretched out a bit . Derek and his panzer wagon (bmw r1100r) did reel it back in and put things aright!! We had fun!...

It was warm enough and I was feeling good enough that I admitted that the cop meter was busted but I did not care anyway!!

Some times when the sun is shining and the day has been THAT much fun…you just got to stretch and sing!!


JOIN me for the next one..


i have pics but have had a hard time getting this pooter to cooperate with me...
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