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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 01-31-2010, 10:43 AM
madmotomike madmotomike is offline
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madmotomike Curb Monkey

What a ride!

It was amazing and it had a purpous. I needed to get to Swansboro to meet a lady to buy a used nerf assault rifle to match the other one we have. The cat and the dog were not happy with this plan and block voted for the trip NOT to happen.

But it HAD to be done. And a motorcycle ride it would be…. Perhaps this is why IT was imperative that I execute this mission.

The weather was iffy. Cool and overcast ..smelling of rain but not yet raining. My thumper and I were just the team for the job.

Yesterday I reinstalled the 17 tooth sprocket. And I also took the rear suspension preload up one notch. I was hopeing to quicken the steering and move some weight forward onto the front of the bike. the sprocket was because I suspected that with the extra power I have extracted that I could “have my cake and eat it too”. Mpg was sure to go up and if I was lucky so would speed possibility.

I wanted to take the back way which is old 30 hiway to Swansboro /Belgrade road but there was a sense of urgency to the trip and my time window was closing on me.

Got thru town In great fashion .. the bike performing well and steering more quickly and precisely .the world was right …so right ..and then it got better.

I wonder….what kinda parameters I now had on the bike. I opened the throttle hard ---fourth gear ---fifth gear. 70 mph was passed easily and my big single just kept pulling and pulling. Moving resolutely toward redline . the wind tugging at my jacket and my helmet. I instinctively tucked in a bit and… it started to drizzle..and get foggy

And suddenly I was moving at 80 mph…trying to escape the speed sucking effects of the slipstream as we charged up mount snaefell looking to carry as much speed as possible to the top and the run down to gov’nors bridge. I pointed my feet and tried my best to minimize the aerodynamic properties of my broken fibia moon boot. I crouched lower and tucked tighter ….we were alone seeking more and more speed…

We would need as much as we can get----and more. I tried to stay calm but as fast as we were going in my heart I feared that “HE” would find more! “HE” being joey Dunlop “king of the roads” and an absolute living legend at the tt. Who did I think I was to try and beat joey at the island? Visiability is down ..the drizzle is stinging my face but I can not quit…I may not carry the day but can not leave “anything” on the table! Got to bring it all and bring it now….joey is out there and he IS magic on the tt course…….

Whew we made it ..swansboro. I wanted to ask the other road users how they did on “the mountain” but I feared that “THEY “ collectively do not have what it takes. After all it takes a motorcycle and a fertile imagination. Specifically it takes a big single cylinder motorcycle with a dunstall meg just pounding out that beat as it races for redline looking for more and more and more….and promising that it would deliver…

It was by far the best lap of the isle of man in my entire life….

The lady met me at the walgrens and discreetly transferred the “weapon “ to me. It is a nerf assault rifle but some how it made me think of the machine guns and cannons of the wwII fighter aircraft. It had THAT look …you know?

The drizzle was still with us as we left Swansboro. My mind was pleased with the purchase. I love used stuff especially when it is ¼ the price of a new one!

I remember that it was still somewhat dry west of Hubert and put my head down and opened the throttle to minimize my time in the moisture. I crouched lower and lower and opened the throttles…

Visiability was not good. The last five missions had been like this..horriable weather..and damn little sleep . but we had to keep going up. The damn Nazis were making a strong bid for our island nation. They had rolled over france with disgusting ease and I guess my Britain was next on the plate? My spitfire is a great bird…it is forgiving in nature and not too demanding on its pilot who is flying on 4 hours of sleep and two cups of cold coffee..

The last several missions had been very trying . the nazi’s were determined and skilled but luck was on our side and we managed to fend them off again and again and again….maybe we catch a break today? With the holidays approaching? Would be nice…damn them and damn this war.

What the he..!!

Fortune has indeed smiled on us! There about 1200 feet below is a mescherschmitt me 109! He does not seem to have spotted us! Time to get busy –fire wall the throttles and bank the spitfire hard over..come on , come on ---come on---line him up !!! pull lead –more lead …LET EM RIP!!! The noise is deafening as the guns do their talking –tracer lines arcing thru the air ..you can see the impacts on the fuselage….stay with him!! STAY WITH HIM!!

THE GERMAN dodges left and right but we are closing too fast for him to evade us …HE IS OURS!!!.. THE flames licking back at the cockpit assure us of the victory!!!

It just one victory but with God’s will this war will end some day and maybe our triumph in the air today will take us one step closer …?

Opps we are in Jacksonville nc? Say where’d the spitfire go? I m riding a what? A motorcycle? heck just moments ago I was high about the English channel trying to stay alive and to win….

Stop light? Yep it is Jacksonville nc. The weather does look like what you would expect in the cold months in England. And my strong running Yamaha sr500 thumper pays serious homage to the classic English singles that one time ruled the roads.

Wow! I guess I have been watching to much of the “DOGFIGHTS” SHOW ON DISCOVERY”?

Just seconds ago would have sworn that bmw z3 sports car with the idiot on the cell phone was a messerschmitt me109 german fighter plane!

I bet the guy never knew what role he played in the scenario. His only mistake was calling attention to himself by lane switching like a demon in an expensive sports car …and to be seen and caught by my british spitfire and I .

IT WAS A REALLY GOOD RIDE….LOT OF FUN. Sure wish I had found enough time to mount the nerf gun to the sr500. I guess I would have to find or develop an interrupter gear to allow it to fire thru the propeller without damaging it?

Take care

See you in the ready room and in the paddock or at the pub…..

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