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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 08-20-2010, 08:47 PM
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Default flintstone brakes to ABS...M3 hypocrite or slow learner

It just occurred to me that had my bandit been equipped with ABS; this latest lesson in medical care and pain management /mismanagement could have been avoided.

This is intresting to me as I have been a strong advocate for ABS on ALL bikes. It changes consequences turning incidents like mine from the blood and aggravation of what happened to a twitch and life as normal.

This was not an incident that took place on the edge of the world(tire) with a load on a wheel at max lean…this was vertical and occurred as I crossed the bad stuff while pulling the brake. I inspected the tire this afternoon. The washout streaks from the gravel start at the tire’s centerline and end on the very end of the handlebar!

I believe ABS would have saved me. why do I not have a bike with ABS? uhhhh I am a bottom feeder? And the bikes with ABS standard or optional are only just now making it onto the market in significant numbers. WHY? Because ABS is an extra cost option and new riders rarely perceive the value in it—instead choosing the aftermarket exhaust or trendy body work at the point of sale discussions.

Face it …..if given the choice between ABS and an nice akropovic exhaust; most 21 year olds are going to choose the item that “ADD PERFORMANCE”, “LOOKS NEAT”, “SOUNDS RACY”, and “CAN GET THE ATTENTION OF YOUNG FEMALES”.

AT AGE 21 “ABS” is about as appealing as “saving money in an IRA”…….

Since I buy used motorcycles exclusively…I am somewhat caught by market trends…

Then there is the “I am better than ABS…” !! I want to believe it and one day past I may have actually been “better” than ABS!?


Blinded by the arroganc/ignorance of youth…I MAY HAVE BELIEVED I WAS BETTER THAN ABS?! “I don’t need that crap”…………………….”.vigilance and focus and practice will carry me thru” NOT!!!!

I did have friends who shall remain unnamed argue with me as little as 10 years ago “ABS is a joke! ON my 3rd attempt I stopped shorter than the ABS!!”

WHAT is wrong with this statement?..........first it assumes that you WILL GET THREE TRYS………when your mind screams “TRUCK”!!

It also assumes that the pavement details –camber,oil /no oi, debris, gravel, etc will be INSTANTLY and ACCURATELY recognized and plans adjusted to account for the situation..

Many many crashes have resulted from adrenaline charged knee jerk desperate stabs at the brakes in the hope of avoiding the teenager who just absentmindedly texted his/her way thru a red light in a Honda civic right onto a collision course..

These realities are sometime ‘splained to friends post crash as “I HAD TO LAY ER DOWN TO AVOID THE CRASH”. Well sir ---you avoided nothing.—you crashed. And it is a stone cold fact that motorcycles stop faster upright ON THEIR tires!! these conversations are merely posturing

I did not fall …I jumped to avoid falling???!!!?!!?!?

For me the crash was ironic..

I own the bike that first bike that offered ABS in this country. My 1985 bmwk100rs was supersceded by the 1987 bmw k100rs abs. ABS is even more important on a “RIDERS” bike like a bmw ….the longitundinal crankshaft orientation means that ONE of the most important stability aids…the crank as a gyroscope “TURNS AT RIGHT ANGLES TO THE OTHER TWO”!!

ON AN OLD airhead or non abs k bike---things go from bad to worst super quick when you lock a wheel…front! Or rear! Especially the front.

Now I have been doing it right for a long time….fact is I have “longtimers disease”. That IS.... my vigilance and commitment to protecting myself have been eroded by the fact that I HAVE DONE such a good job of it. the value of the focus and vigilance may not be as appreciated or valued by my sub conscious as it once was..


Could be my ego has not yet acknowledged the change in the mind. Just blindly doing what I have always done but not doing it as well. could be that along with creeping age….my processor is slowing down. Maybe “luck” is crawling into my riding plan unbeknownst to me..

“LUCK”…HAS No PLACE IN A RIDING PLAN. If you find yourself saying wow I sure was lucky to get thru that! Or if you go into a corner thinking “I m lucky ..i will make it “ or “ sure hope I can make it thru this corner”.

These are the signs of a dead man riding!


Not hope or luck!

Is ABS in my future? Yes of course –eventually---absolutely.

To quote myself for many years ---“if I could wave a wand and make one change on modern motorcycles. if I had that power I would require ABS technology to be on every street motocycle sold in America. You would very quickly see a reduction in accidents both single vehicle and otherwise”

It is the one piece of technology that can make a difference by its prescence.

Interestingly it has been slow coming because of cost and liability or more correctly potential liability exposure in the American legal system.

Did you know that if you offer ABS only on your premium models. You can be sued for withholding technology?

Did you know that if a bike has ABS lawyers have successfully argued that the ABS did not work and was the "cause" of the accident? Even when the details of an accident indicated that it was the “END OF TIME”! 80MPH 2 FEET FROM A BRIDGE ABUTEMENT …

Don’t get me started on this…

ABS works and with the latest generation of the concept at work on sport bikes and receiving high praise from very very very fast racer types…..WHY NOT!!

ONE LAST THING----ABS equipped bikes in fact do hold their value much much better in the marketplace. This is due to the acknowledged effectiveness of ABS AND THE fact that it increases “security” and the fact that the bikes are just not as “beat up” as the non ABS bikes.

Somebody sell me an abs equipped Suzuki 650 v strom quick!...of course I am really wanting to buy that cagive gran canyon that is for sale…with out ABS.

Guess I have not learned much?

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